ShotLink is a revolutionary platform for collecting and disseminating scoring and statistical data on every shot by every player in real-time during every tournament round.

This data asset creates improved live coverage and more meaningful analysis.

The development of ShotLink started in 1997 when the TOUR decided to update its current scoring system, which was based on 1987 technology. The TOUR conducted an extensive review process to formulate its strategy for the development and implementation of ShotLink.

ShotLink was introduced during the summer of 2001 and represented the TOUR’s scoring system for the future. The System was enhanced in 2006 with the addition of a radar solution that accurately collects club head speed, ball speed, launch angle and tracks the entire flight of the ball. This solution is installed on one tee each week. In 2007 a state-of -the-art set of LED scoreboards were introduced at THE PLAYERS Championship. They are powered by ShotLink and leverage the DiamondVision technology of Mitsubishi Electric, the Official Large Outdoor Video Display Provider of the PGA TOUR.

This fan enhancement brings new information and insight to the fan in full color, including: leaderboards, leader updates, player bio, highlight videos, player performance metrics and shot location information. CDW became the official technology partner of the PGA TOUR and Champions Tour in 2008 and immediately helped the TOUR upgrade the ShotLink system by improving server management, wireless communication and on-site data communications. ShotLink also powers real time scoring and player tracking via SHOT TRACKER on PGATOUR.COM. Additionally ShotLink provides real time information to over 50 data syndication clients who use the data in a variety of manners including worldwide dissemination and publication.

The accumulation, packaging and presentation of expanded shot and course information provide the basis for numerous fan enhancements.
Current uses of ShotLink data include:
  • Enhanced graphics and statistics in television broadcasts—more than 2,500 incremental broadcast mentions and graphics are aired annually due to the ShotLink system
  • Expanded information and statistics (more than 450 year to date and event statistics) for use by media
  • Powering on-site and PGATOUR.COM tournament leaderboards
  • Providing on-site media and hospitality access to live tournament information
  • On-site fan enhancements that include wireless data, audio and video solutions
  • Powering, as well as the TOUR’s latest iPhone app
  • Analysis of how each golf course is played to assist in course setup and in design changes

In addition to current uses, ShotLink provides unlimited potential to develop fan enhancements and products over the next several years, including:
  • Enhanced and interactive television
  • Internet, PC and console game enhancements
  • Enhanced live data coverage and increased data mining to create more entertainment and knowledge dissemination on PGATOUR.COM

Besides fan enhancements, ShotLink creates an ongoing historical archive of statistical information. This information is available to players through a sophisticated extranet application—PGA TOUR Links.

The ShotLink data is collected by volunteers utilizing a combination of handheld devices and laser range finders. Each week a team of approximately 350 volunteers dedicate approximately three man years of effort to perform this data collection. In the course of the entire season, more than 10,000 volunteers contribute to the success of this program.